Mother of 5!!??

Me and my babies.



For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a mom. I remember not only wanting to be a mom, but wanting to be a mom of 5! I can recall seeing the moms in Target, and in the grocery stores with multiple children close in age, cute kids in coordinated outfits and the little girls with their matching hair bows thinking, I can’t wait to be a mom one day.

I would always express to my mom that I wanted 5 kids close in age so that they would grow up to be best friends. I would always get the same response from her, a laugh, followed by “we’ll see how you feel when you get older”. Why was she saying that? I could never understand why. My mom had me and my brother when she was younger and I always thought she was a cool mom. She knew style and she understood me and my friends lingo. She was not a “old fashioned, behind the times, embarrassing type of mom”, (as any young kid would word it) She was my best friend, and I wanted to be the exact thing to my future kids!


My mother and brother at his High School graduation a few years ago.

Growing up, being 10 years apart from my brother, made our relationship more of a authoritative figure type of relationship rather then close BFF’s. I was “mommy #2”. Nevertheless, we were inseparable. Although, I wished we were closer in age so that we could have went to school together. I was always jealous of my friends who got to go to school with their siblings.

Me and my brother.


Fast forward to adulthood, I now have 3 beautiful children, 10,5 &3 years of age. I did end up having them much closer in age than my mom had me and my brother to make up for that longing I had as a child. 🙂 Now that I have my own kids I REALIZE, there are just a few things I forgot to consider with having multiple small children. The amount of time, effort, and NOISE that comes with it is definitely not something I considered when I was younger thinking,” how cute the kids in the store were”. LOL.

10 year old

5 year old
3 year old


There is rarely a time when you are able to sit down. You cannot go to bed on your schedule or when you’re tired for that matter, nor can you wake up/sleep in based on your own requisite.  One year into being a mother for the third time, I think I started to realize why my mom laughed whenever I expressed my desire to have 5 kids, and close in age at that. She knew the work that came along with just one child for 10 years before her herself decided to have her 2nd and FINAL child. What can I say now but, the great mom I thought she was when I was a child has definitely grown to great admiration for how effortless she made being a mother look!

Me, my oldest and my mom.


Me and my mom with my oldest and middle daughter.

Of course being a mom also comes with it’s great rewards. Watching a little piece of you in each of your children. Overcoming milestones as they grow older. The special drawings they make for you to put up on the refrigerator, desk or wall. The unconditional love they show to you WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST, and the great big hugs they give to you at very moment you need one. I’d say the rewards definitely out way the challenges.

If you ask me today, if I still wanted 5 kids , I think I would be the one doing the laughing, however, I would not change being a mom for anything in the world!

5 year old having a moment.



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