A Perceptive Realization

So the time has come again. That time of the year where one sits back and reflects on one’s accomplishments, life, beliefs and the impact and mark that has been left on this earth thus far. I’m talking about the day of our birth… aka OUR BIRTHDAY!


I recently celebrated a birthday, and I must say like most of us after the age of 25, I had a little bit of anxiety leading up to the day. Not really because of the age that I was turning, wich is the typical cause for anxiety, but because of events that had taken place near my birthday the previous year which involved not one but two losses within a span of a month. It had me feeling sad that those people/family members were not here, and it was the first year that their birthdays where coming around, and holidays were passing by and they were NOT HERE for it. It made me feel like who I am to make a big deal about my little birthday. I initially wanted to curl up in a cocoon until “my special day” was over.


The night before my birthday I learned that my husband had planned this big cook out of all my favorite things to eat and drink. He told me that he had gotten me cool gifts and he expressed how excited he was for my birthday. I thought, he is more excited than I am. lol. He said something to me that really made me smile, he said, “tomorrow is the day that God blessed this earth with the most beautiful women in the world” He is so sweet. I do not consider myself to be the most beautiful woman in the world, but there was something that stood out to me in that statement he made. God blessed ME to be on this earth! Although I was sad and feeling down that I had family that was no longer able to be on this earth. I WAS. I am still here, and I have an amazing family. My husband who is literally my best friend and my kids who literally cannot go 5 minutes straight without snuggling up on me. My mom who is also my best friend who I speak to everyday sometimes twice a day. My brother, my grandmother, my father, my aunt….. these are all people who I am blessed to see and continue making memories with.

The day I woke on my birthday I felt a new kind of lucky. I had made it a whole other year on this earth. As I watched my family strategize a plan in the hallway to bring me my gifts, cards and sing happy birthday to me in bed, I thought, God could not have given me a greater purpose than being the Wife, Mother and GLUE to this amazing family. My day was so beautiful. It was filled with music, lots of food, drinks, laughter and love.


I am blessed to be living, and loss is inevitable in this life, and though it is ok to hurt for a time we cannot forget to stop living; for through our living the loss of our loved ones will always live on.


Happy Birthday to me!

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